Over the years we have embarked on projects for our customers that range from very simple to extremely complex. The diversity of the services and solutions we provide is a testimate to our focus. Most people think of diversity and focus as being opposites or even incompatible. For TKC Construction Group, LLC, diversity in the services we offer is a direct result of our singular focus -- being the company our customers rely on for solutions to their facility problems. Whether that solution is as simple as a fresh coat of paint or as complicated as changing the facade for an entire apartment complex, quality workmanship and timely responsiveness remain our hallmarks.

Below is a collection of photos from a few of our completed projects. They provide a sense of how our customer's facilities appear once we have completed our assigned task.

By Contrast

Following is a collection of photos that show a few of the various types of problems our customers ask us to solve. They represent a wide variety of issues and degrees of problems which we have resolved. They don't, however, convey the totality of issues we have and can address -- that would require more time for you to review the photos than would be worthwhile for you. So, please contact us today so we can help you.

Excellent Customer Service at all Cost

Please contact us today for all your interior paintings, exterior paintings, and all your housekeeping needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will gladly and careful listen to your concerns and needs, document your order and submit it to our specialists for execution. We are committed to a guaranteed competitive quote and willing to work out a payment plan to suit your budget.

Our Turnkey Department offers, in most cases, next day emergency and weekend services on painting and cleaning at no extra cost to our customers.