Major Rehabs...

Do you own a property that is in need of repair? Are you having a hard time finding a contractor in the Southeastern United States who you feel you can trust to get the job done, and stay on budget? Contact us for more information to see what RentReadyFast can do for you. We’ve seen the good and the bad here in the Southeast. International investors who trust the wrong company to complete rehab work can face a multitude of issues. Repairs that won’t pass code, incomplete repairs, inadequate repairs, Usage of poor quality products, wasted time, and more. In our opinion, the single biggest problem you can run into with any company doing rehab work on an investment property is if that company misses deadlines. We understand the stress and pressure this can create, and because of this we have built in timelines for any project that we work on. Our pricing is fair, and based on meeting both timelines and budget restrictions. Our prices are tiered based on completing within specific timelines that are identified before the project begins. If we go over our projected timeline, the amount that we are paid for that project goes down. If we finish on time, we get paid the contracted amount. By utilizing this method, we guarantee that we wont waste your time, or money on any project.

You cant be here to oversee construction projects at your properties. It wouldnt be profitable for you to travel here often just to see progress. Let us be here for you instead. We guarantee our work, and guarantee your satisfaction!

Call us today and we will send you a project spec sheet to get started. (904) 247-5334